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Cyanotype Printing Kit

Cyanotype Printing Kit

Do It Yourself Cyanotype Kit

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process, where an emulsion is painted on paper or fabric and placed in the sun to aid exposure to produce a rich cyan-blue print.

This is a great little experiment to do at home with young children or for anyone who loves to be creative and the kits are very popular for birthday or Christmas presents.

The solution is mixed together in equal parts and applied to paper. When dry you will be able to experiment and play around printing any subject matter. A bright sunny day gives best results. Once the 8 sheets of watercolour paper have been used you will have ample more solution to paint your own paper or fabric.

Included in the kit is;
- 30ml of Type A solution
- 30ml of Type B solution
- 8 sheets of A5 watercolour paper
- 1 paintbrush
- 1 syringe
- Instruction booklet