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Lavender Heat Bag - Gum Leaves

Lavender Heat Bag - Gum Leaves

These beautiful aromatic lupin bags smell divine and are perfect to assist you alleviate aches and pains as well as make you feel calm and relaxed.

The image is a reminiscent of my original cyanotype artwork and has been printed on 100% cotton. The backing is tencel, a sustainable fabric that breathes well and feels lovely and soft against your face or body.

They measure approximately 12cm x 22cm and are filled with 500grams of whole lupins along with a nice helping of dried lavender.

Lupins are a legume and perfect to replace the traditional wheat bag as they retain heat longer, are lighter, do not sweat when heated and have a low odour. Unlike traditional wheat bags these will not develop a cooked or burnt smell over time. Although, care must be given to not overheat the heat bag. They may also be used a cold pack.

A great birthday present, gift for mothers day or Christmas and available in multiple botanical designs to suit everyone.